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Café Michiko was inspired from various talented and passionate loving peoples who are all very loyal following Nagisa Bali Group from one place to another place. Cafe Michiko is also prove of a fulfilling promise from heart to heart to a reality. We appreciate love, passion and trust in Café Michiko as a grati- tude towards happiness and success.

Inspired from years living in Bali with Japanese family tradition, we are here serving only HEARTY food which carefully selected with passion and years of culinary journey. Café Michiko offers Japanese and Indonesian selection menus, in a relaxing yet inspiring space of a lovely small café in the middle of main road of Jalan. Bypass Dewi Sri, Bali, Indonesia.

The name of Michiko itself came from many meaningful process with carefully consideration on each pow- erful values from Japanese Kanji character.

Michiko itself means Beauty and Wisdom also Encouragement and Inspiration. While many situation shut down for a temporary time during pandemic COVID-19 in Bali, we promise to work hard and put our prayer that we can hopefully connect all the beautiful soul peoples through our hearty foods. We hope with this meaning and values, you can enjoy our hearty food.

Michiko Philosophy

  • Mi (beauty)
  • Chi (wisdom)
  • Ko (inspiration)
Cafe Michiko

Special Dishes

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Special Michiko
Hanburg Steak

Selection option combination of Beef and Pork OR Chicken with vegetable sauce and tomato sauce glazingwith mozzarella end up with parmesan cheese on top

IDR 79.000 (beef and Pork)

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Snapper fish steak with quail eggs, tomato, spring onion, greens chili, mushroom cooked in coconut milk chowder.

IDR 68.000

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